Burning Bridget Cleary



Hello to our family of fans! Welcome to our band website!

The new CD has been officially released! 

February 7, 2016: 

We are thrilled to report that "These Are the Days" was listed as the #1 ALBUM on the January 2016 Folk-DJ Charts!

Also listed from the same album in the TOP SONGS category for January:

#1. "Madam I'm a Darling" (trad.)

#2.  "Mountain" (D. Carter/T. Grammer)

#4.  "Another Day"  (T. O'Brien/D. Scott)

Our humble thanks go out to the Folk-DJ community for sharing our music with their listeners.

The Folk-DJ radio programmers, many unpaid, work diligently week-to-week to keep traditional, Celtic, and folk music humming through the airwaves. Most of these programs are on NPR, community, or college stations that depend on fundraising to give a voice to "non-commercial" types of music. Please support them! It helps us all.

Check out the first reviews of the album, published in on the press page!