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Our Newest Single! (September 2014)

We are delighted to announce that our newest single, "Another Day" was #1 for October 2014 on the Folk DJ's Radio Charts!

Written by GRAMMY winning composer, Tim O’Brien and song-writing partner, Darrell Scott - this is an important song that celebrates life, truth, and transformation in all their aspects - a song that speaks directly to our hearts.

Official release date: September 10th, 2014

"Pressed for Time"

“The album is a triumph! Really, after just one listening I can tell you it hits all the right notes with me. The arrangements, performances, production and sequencing all come together in a way that makes for a wonderful listening experience. It's adventurous, intelligent, playful and ever so satisfying.

What a truly remarkable accomplishment. I can't wait to get it on the air, not only on Celtic Sunday Brunch, but my other show, "Wednesdays with Walt." I want everyone to get a taste of it. By the way, it's not like me to gush over new recordings. It just so happened that this one knocked my socks off.” -Walt Haake, WDVR's Celtic Brunch

“How refreshing - the art of folk arrangement isn't dead after all! From the first track here, a fine, innovative, setting of Gordon Duncan's 'Pressed For Time' to the last track, 'Stor Mo Chroi', we have here a band who have decided that Celtic and traditional-based music deserves depth, light and shade, and above all, thought. Nothing here is either inappropriate or forced, and it's all beautifully presented by a band that's learned the first rule of instrumental expertise - clever and effective are not the same thing, and the latter will always hold enough of the former to impress any audience. The result is a confident, mature band that wears its flair lightly, knows how and when to drive the tunes and songs hard, and when to let the quieter mood prevail.

The tradition is beautifully respected here - just listen to the gorgeous version of 'Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat' - but it's not treated like any sacred cow; whatever treatment's appropriate is used. The whole recording is pervaded by an overwhelming air of musicians who know how to let serious music speak, and when to let rip a bit and just have great fun.

The result is a beautiful, eclectic album - and I'm already looking forward to the next one.” - Brian McNeill, Founding Member of The Battlefield Band

"Totes for Goats" - CD Released March 2011

"Sure, you can buy their CD, and then it'll get stuck in your head, and you'll play it several hundred times, and then you'll buy another one, and that one will get stuck in your head, and you'll play it several hundred times, and then you'll buy another one, and THAT one will get stuck in your head ... and then, one day, you'll realize that you've bought ALL THREE, and now what? You're going to do it anyway, but don't blame me, I warned you."   -Jon H., Seattle Fan 

"The most noticeable thing in Totes for Goats, in addition to the fierce fiddle playing, is the maturity of the girls' tightly woven vocal harmonies, which have acquired both depth and resonance."   -Steve Siegel, The Morning Call

"Everything is Alright" - CD Released November 2008

"The new release grabs your attention and keeps you listening with blazing fiddle duets, great songs and a mix of music that’s away from the ordinary and downright inspirational. This is trad music at it’s best, alive, vibrant and lyrical. Don’t miss seeing this band if you’re given the chance and until you can, pick up a copy of their independently produced CDs and listen to the future of trad." -Jack Baker, The Irish American News

Pocket Watch Necklace - 2 Styles

Pocket watch necklaces featured on the "Pressed for Time" CD cover!

Two styles to choose from: Coffee colored glass front or metal filligree front. The back of both watches is the same, as shown. Battery included.

Price: $10.00 each plus $2.90 shipping.

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Burning Bridget Cleary Apparel - T-Shirts

Men's Shirt: Front and Back Design


Junior sizes: S, M, XL, XXL --- Women's sizes:  --- XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL .

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